1. Songs for a Heatwave #2: Skip&Die - La Cumbia Dictadura

    London continues to swelter, and with temperatures of nearly 40C reported on the tube (incidentally, rather higher than the maximum temperature for transporting cattle…), I think most of us are sick of it.

    Any rate, another opportunity to post a Song for a Heatwave, this one inspired by a great club night at Notting Hill Arts Club put on by Movimientos.

    I love how this track is at once vibrant and dancey, but at the same time langorous and tropical. Oh, and that bass is great too. So there’s this week’s song for a heatwave - close your eyes, take in the bassy latin vibes and dance like you’re in a Brazilian favela dance hall.

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  2. Songs for a Heatwave #1: Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

    There’s a heatwave in London, the mercury is touching over 30C for the first time this year, and the city is sweltering under a clear blue sky and an unrelenting sun.

    The physical pace of life always seems to slow down when it’s this hot, and musically, days like this are captured by long, looping rhythms and an epic guitar solo to match. Funkadelic’s effort is got to be up there in the greats of epic guitar solos, if only because it’s ten minutes long and was improvised while the guitarist was high on acid.

    Chuck it on, lean back, and watch the city crawl through the heat haze…

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  3. Das geht ab, alter! German Hip Hop…

    While recommending playlists to a friend new to Spotify earlier today, I got around to putting together a playlist of German Hip Hop, and I’d forgotten how cool it can be.

    German Hip Hop is fairly old school by US/British standards, with a lot of emphasis on rhyming, story-telling and, frankly, profanity that’s got things in common with 90’s American Gangster rap.

    The genre also comes with a dose of comic relief, with artists who are almost Goldie Looking Chain like in their subject matter and style. The track in the video above is a classic of the trailblazers of mainstream German Hip Hop - Die Fantastischen View - who are rapping about the tendency of Germans to turn everything in to acronyms:

    ARD, ZDF, C&A
    BRD, DDR und USA
    BSE, HIV und DRK
    GbR, GmbH - ihr könnt mich mal (In English: “You can do one!”)

    As well as the spotify playlist, which you can check out here, here are three of my favourites on YouTube:

    Samy Deluxe - Poesie Album

    Samy Deluxe is one of the best rhymers out there.

    Sido - Meine Jordans

    Over the top of a cracking instrumental, Sido raps about his Jordan trainers

    They’re impregnated and freshly polished

    Directly imported from the USA, my Jordans

    Kool Savas - Aura

    Savas raps over the top of Hans Zimmer’s exit music to Inception. And it works!

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  4. Major Lazer - Get Free ft. Amber Coffman (What So Not Remix)

    I bought Get Free on vinyl the other week, and it came with this ‘exclusive’ remix of Get Free which I’ve been loving ever since. Andy C’s well-known remix of this great track used his brand of melodic DnB to great effect, and What So Not effort does the same with some of the trap elements you might expect from one of Major Lazer’s own tracks.

    At first, he just puts some more layers on the brilliant hook and Amber Coffman’s great vocals. But wait for the drop at around 1:15.

    Also worth noting from the limited edition vinyl B-side is the Instrumental version of Get Free. Reminds you that the basics of this track, even without Coffman’s vocals or the vocoded hook are quality in themselves.

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  5. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell - Get Lucky

    It’s rare that I’d write about a Number One on this blog, but this really is great. It’s got all the ingredients of a great Daft Punk song, but they’ve turned out something that sounds like a cool 70’s funk song…until the vocoder kicks in at least (keep an eye on the YouTube vid when it does!).

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  6. DJ Spoko - Azange

    As you know if you’ve seen some of my other posts, I love world music. World music sometimes suffers from the assumption that it’s a load of ancient traditional tribal dances, indian classical sitars or arabic flutes.

    DJ Spoko from South Africa will cure anyone who holds that assumption quite handily. On this track from his first EP to be released in the West [Spotify Link] (called ‘Ghost Town’ after the township outside Pretoria he spent his teenage years) you can hear the influences from traditional drums, the unusual tuning of guitars in African music and South African female vocal groups like the Mahotella Queens. But it’s also an edgy, modern dance track, akin to some of the trap and moombahtron coming out of the caribbean and America.

    Now I just need to track down his early cassette tape releases.

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  7. Postal Service at Coachella

    I was gutted I didn’t get tickets to see the Postal Service in London May, but this 47 minute video of their set at Coachella almost makes up for it!

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  8. 4 for the weekend: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    Bit of a frustrating week this week, with both of the albums I had marked down as ones to watch having their release dates pushed back. But hey, it’s Friday and the weekend is here. This week, tracks for every part of the weekend.

    Friday night: Odesza - IPlayYouListen

    There’s just something really chilled out and upbeat about this track. It’s exactly how you feel on a Friday night when you walk out of the office, into the twilight after a long week, no idea what the weekend will bring, but safe in the knowledge that the next 60 hours are yours, to be used as you will.

    Saturday morning: Coves - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)

    This is one my favourite, most melancholy Chris Isaak tracks (although let’s face it, Chris Isaak’s back catalogue is hardly free of melancholy numbers). Coves, a great new band from Leamington that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live a couple of times have covered in a pretty cool way - a bit Lana del Rey, but bringing enough of their own freshness to the arrangement to lift it beyond mere vocals. Perfect for Saturday morning in bed if the freedom of Friday night went to your head a bit.

    Saturday night: Dash Berlin (feat. Emma Hewitt) - Like Spinning Plates

    Because occasionally, you just need some classic trance. This Radiohead cover seems to span the whole genre in it’s six and a half minutes, from Italo pianos to Tiesto-esque frenetic beats to synth cords and Emma Hewitt’s vocals. It’s Saturday night - enjoy yourself!

    Sunday afternoon: Vieux Farka Toure - Fafa

    If you’ve read previous entries, you’ll know of my love of Malian music. This track from Vieux Farka Toure (son of the legendary Malian bluesman Ali Farka Toure) epitomises the rolling rhythms, strange tuning and sheer virtuosity of ‘the desert Blues’. Speaking of virtuosity, check out ‘Bamako Jam’ on YouTube.

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  9. Petula Clark - Cut Copy Me

    Yes, you read that right - Petula Clark, her of ‘Downtown’! Now, I can’t say it’s my favourite song of the last six months, but I really admire the way an 81-year old, whose first public performances were on BBC Forces Radio in 1942 has recorded a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Lana Del Rey album more than 70 years later.

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  10. Major Lazer Album pushed back. AGAIN!

    So the Major Lazer takeover train is stopped in it’s tracks. Concerned by the lack of buzz about the fact that Free The Universe was supposed to be released tomorrow, I did some googling. And buried in a Billboard article about the upcoming world tour was the bad news:

    Free The Universe has been pushed back to March 12th. This after the original release date last autumn was pushed to tomorrow. Gutted.

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